Our Workload Expectations!
This page give you information on what our expectations are regarding workload for our pupils. It also provides a couple of tips on how to use Google Classroom effectively.
What we are providing
Our teachers are pre-recording lessons in Reading, Writing and White Rose Maths (including Flashback4). These are the lessons that we want you to complete first and foremost.
For other lessons we are asking you take part in Oak National Academy lessons in the following subjects:
  • Science;
  • RE;
  • PE with Joe;
  • Geography;
  • Music.

These lessons are to be completed providing you haven’t gone over your assigned hours of study.

Time Expectations
We would like you to spend up to one hour each on Reading, Writing and Maths. It is absolutely OK if you find that in some lessons your child or children do not manage to finish all of the lesson. There are times that in school we do not finish our work in the allotted time. We adapt as we go and recommend your child does the best that THEY can not what their peers can.
We just encourage you to click the turn in button on the assignment in Google Classroom and let us know that you have attempted the work given.
Top tips!
The last thing we want is for our pupils to struggle or feel overwhelmed by the workload. We would definitely recommend setting a timer of one hour for each subject and when that timer has ended, so does the lesson!
Like the last period of home learning, we would also encourage you to complete other activities that are not necessarily school or screen related such as painting, drawing and baking. These are fantastic opportunities to allow your child or children to maintain a healthy mind as well as learning skills different to that in the subjects we have provided.
You can also even send us some of the other things you have been doing by uploading it through Google Classroom. Why not watch the tutorials on how to do that as we would love to see it!
Once again, we would like to thank you for your cooperation, communication and dedication to helping get your child or children to learn at home.
We are all in this together!
Elsecar SLT.