Parental Engagement Update

Thank you for completing the parental engagement update questionnaire over the past couple of weeks. Below are the main comments we received from parents and carers.

What is working well in school?

  • School wide communication and events to include parents (maths/phonics training & competitions to work with your child on) is excellent
  • All the Facebook and twitter posts that give us an insight of what the children get up to during the day
  • Communication with parents.
  • There have been so many wonderful improvements! Enrichment activities and communication home about ways that parents can support their children.
  • Staff care for students
  • Communication is getting better
  • More interactive with parents
  • Getting parents back into school and celebrating children’s success within the school via parent attended assembly
  • Updates on school events has improved. My daughter is happy in school, so things are working well.

What needs further attention in school?

  • More detailed information about meetings/events – when a room has changed for the meeting. Accuracy of key dates.
  • There could be more effective ways of sharing updates about each child to allow for more discussion at home about school learning.
  • Receive information around key dates at the beginning of each half term.
  • Need for more support and knowledge for those with special needs.
  • Ensure events that happen within school cater for children with dietary requirements
  • Communication regarding progress and well being.

As a school we will look to address the points raised above and feedback our progress in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Thank you for your input!

Mr Silverwood