At Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary Academy, we listen, understand, empathise and support families to attend school.

We value every child and their right to an education. It is essential that each child’s attendance does not fall below 96.5% due to the impact this has on their attainment and progress.  



We do expect parents to co-operate fully in encouraging regular attendance.

How do we support children’s attendance:

1. Monitor attendance daily and act quickly when attendance begins to decline.
2. We have a dedicated attendance officer who works closely with parents and carers to improve attendance and provide support and guidance.
3. We share children’s attendance every half term with parents and carers.
4. We invite parents and carers into school to discuss attendance and where necessary put action plans in place to help improve attendance.
5. All holidays taken in term time are referred to the local authority and a fixed penalty notice may be issued.
6. We celebrate and reward attendance in school.
7. We produce a termly newsletter to share our successes with parents and carers.
8. Persistently absent children are closely monitored by the attendance team,and we work closely with external services.

If your child is unable to come to school:

1. If your child is going to be absent due to illness, please inform the school by phone or email, before 9:00am 
2. Please ensure you explain the reason for their absence, as we are required to keep records of why children are not in school. 
3. For hospital/dental/GP appointments, please provide a copy of the appointment letter/card /screenshot to the office either before the appointment or once your child has returned to school.
4. If you need to request a day off for any other reason, please complete a request form which you can get from the school office. Once completed return to Mrs Brooks, the school’s Attendance Officer.

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