Full Opening of Schools Sept 2021 Covid-19 Risk Assessment 2

School Outbreak Management Plan

Risk Assessment September 2020 12.10.20

Elsecar HT Risk Assessment




Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Code

Charging and Remissions Policy

Behaviour Policy


Data Sharing Agreement BMBC for EHT – June 2021 (6)

Dignity at Work Policy


Equality Statement Policy and Objectives 23

Equality Statement for Pupils

Equality Statement for Staff

Exit Strategy




Positive Handling Policy



SMAT Admissions Arrangements

SMAT-Assessment-Policy November 21

SMAT-Behaviour Policy Updated Oct 21

SMAT-Curriculum Policy November 2021

SMAT Dealing with abusive parents

Data Protection Policy

SMAT- ECT Policy November 2021

SMAT Exclusions Policy Nov 21

SMAT EYFS November 2021

SMAT – Health and Safety Policy

SMAT Managing Medical Needs

SMAT NQT Induction Policy

SMAT Safeguarding Policy

Smoke Free Policy

SMAT- Special Educational Needs PolicyOct 2021

SMAT Teaching and Learning PolicyStress-Management-Policy

Whistleblowing Policy