Aims of the Accessibility Action Plan  

This plan outlines how Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary Academy aims to improve access to education for pupils with disabilities as required by the planning duties in the Equality Act 2010.

A person has a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

This plan aims to:

  • Increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can participate in the curriculum.
  • Improve the physical environment of the school to enable pupils with disabilities to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided.
  • Improve the availability of accessible information to pupils with disabilities.

    The above aims will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe, and in ways which are determined after taking into account pupils’ disabilities and the views of parents and pupils. In the preparation of an accessibility strategy, the LA must have regard to the need to allocate adequate resources in the implementation of this strategy.

    The governing board also recognises its responsibilities towards employees with disabilities and will:

  • Monitor recruitment procedures to ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities.
  • Provide appropriate support and provision for employees with disabilities to ensure that they can carry out their work effectively without barriers.
  • Undertake reasonable adjustments to enable staff to access the workplace.
  • The plan will be resourced, implemented, reviewed and revised in consultation with:
  • Pupils’ parents.
  • The headteacher and other relevant members of staff.
  • Governors.
  • External partners.

    This plan is reviewed every three years to take into account the changing needs of the school and its pupils. The plan is also reviewed where the school has undergone a refurbishment.

Accessibility action plan Elsecar 2022