The Worship Council is led by Miss Woollands and is a group of children from Years 5 and 6. We meet termly and share our religious views with one another in a supportive, caring and inclusive environment. This year we have a new, enthusiastic group of children who have been chosen to represent our school as Worship Councillors. The children, who volunteered for the role, were selected by their classmates, and were chosen because of their kind- hearted and Christian-like attitude.

We have three main aims for this year:

  1. Make sure the reflection area in our school is a great place for us to reflect on our lives and the world around us.
  2. To make sure children are planning and leading worship in our school, not just the adults.
  3. Evaluate our Collective Worship by speaking to the pupils and staff about our daily act of worship.

What do we do?

We work together to help promote our Christian Values, with the aim of making a difference both to the school and the Wider Community.

Our councillors have very important jobs that are specifically linked to our Collective Worship.

Some of their jobs include;

  • keeping the reflection area tidy
  • writing prayers for assemblies
  • demonstrating how to use our school values
  • meeting termly at lunchtime to plan assemblies, discuss how their jobs are going, write prayers and lots more..
  • feeding back the minutes of our meetings to Mr Silverwood
  • monitoring the playground looking for children who don’t have anyone to play with, so they can invite them to play with them
  • looking for children who are using Christian Values
  • helping teachers in collective worship and at Church services by acting out plays, telling stories and reading prayers
  • help to educate our friends on ‘big issues’ through whole school Worship


How do we make a difference?

Our biggest achievement so far was our Harvest Collection for Barnsley Foodbank. It is important to support the most vulnerable in our local community, so we collected, over the month of September, all the essential items requested by the food bank. As a result of this we collected boxes and boxes of supplies to feed our local community.

In November, we held a pyjama fundraising day to help vulnerable children both nationally and internationally. We raised money and created posters that educated pupils about who they can turn when life has ‘dark times’. In KS2 the children highlighted the heroes in our lives who we can turn to for help when we and others may need it.

Additionally, we helped the community mark Remembrance Day in our worship and to lay the school wreath at the village church.


Together we want to help everyone to follow the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby:

“The most important decision anyone can ever make is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is the best thing anyone can ever do.”

Alongside our School Council, the Collective Worship Council represent our school and are important leaders in our setting.

From myself (Miss Woollands), Mr Silverwood and all of the Worship Councillors, thank you for taking the time to read our page.