Yorkshire Sports Foundation Virtual Sports Day!
This year, we have decided to take part in a Virtual Sports Day hosted by the Yorkshire Sport Foundation. Below you will find details of the sporting events, timings, prizes we can win as a school as well as further information needed to participate in the Sports day!
The Official Virtual Sports Day video will be premiered live on the Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s YouTube channel. Please click here to see the channel and visit the page on the day to view the video. You will also be able to watch the video back as many times as you like after 10am in case you miss it!
Monday 13th July by 12pm
Deadline to submit scores online. A Google Form will be available for parents or children to submit scores. This will be open for everyone either at home or in school. We will then release the scores later in the day.
Sports events
We have added the list of events you can take practise during the week before completing an official entry for each event. Download the PDF document below which explains how to compete in each event. Alternatively, click the YouTube link on Friday from 10am to view video guidance of each event.
Event one: Netball challenges – Four awesome challenges which will certainly provide a challenge for everyone!
Event two: Keepie uppie challenge – How many times can you keep up an object for one minute?
Event three: Rugby challenge -How many points can you score?
Event four: Gymnastic personal best challenge – How many shapes can you imitate from the video?
Event five: 20 second speed bounce challenge – How many times can you jump over an object two footed in 20 seconds?

The link to submit your scores is below. Please note this link will only be live from 10am on Friday 10th July up till 12pm on the Monday 13th July.

Parents and children can fill in this form. This can be done at home or in school and all children’s results will be added to their school score. We will not be asking for any names or initials, only the school.
It is one form per participant and children don’t need to have completed all competitions to submit a score for a challenge.
The final results will be released on Monday 13 July after 12pm. Keep an eye on our twitter @YorkshireSport for this information!
The Yorkshire Sports Foundation are giving away sports equipment goody bags for the winning schools showing examples of the following School Games Values:
Teamwork awards:
For each of the competitions (excluding gymnastics) we will be averaging all the scores submitted across all age groups in your school. The school with the highest average score for each competition will win the Teamwork Award!
Determination award:
This will be the school who has submitted the most entries for the day.
Passion Award:
Please share your day on social media using the hashtag #SYSG and the Yorkshire Sport Foundation will be choosing a winner who displays the most passion!
Also, why not send us videos of you and your family completing these activities through our Facebook or individual class Twitter page! You could also wear your Team Elsecar PE T-shirts too!