Summer term two learning projects!
As we move forward into the second half term of Summer, we have decided to continue to release the weekly learning projects. We have however made some slight changes to the layout of each project. To help provide you with a little more guidance on structuring the week, we have assigned activities for each day in various subjects. We have integrated the White Rose Maths home learning activities into the projects so you know what learning to cover in Maths. The resources are still accessible on the private area of the website.
If your child is returning to school in the priority year groups or in the key worker groups, your child or children do not need to complete the projects at home on the days they are in as they will be completing activities at school instead!
We are aware that you are continuing to juggle home working or even returning to work so any learning you can complete with your child or children is much appreciated and we thank you for your continued support!
We hope these projects help! If you have any questions, please contact Mr Silverwood or Mr Booth via the private Facebook messenger or via their email and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as we can.
Many thanks,
Elsecar Senior Leadership Team
Under the sea!
Around the World
Famous and Significant People
The Rainforest!