Our wonderful school is focussing on Diversity and Equality and teaching the children all about this. As part of our work, Mrs Westwood firstly met with some of our governors and discussed what is important in our school. We then formed a questionnaire which our confident Year 5 and 6 children from school council delivered. They surveyed children from Years 1 – 6 and asked the class teacher of our Foundation children. The children then worked hard to collate the results which they then shared with our Governors during the day. They then took them for a tour of our school and looked for ways in which our school promotes Diversity and Equality (we found many!) The children then led our Friday’s worship all about this and read a book named ‘It’s OK to be different’ whilst teaching our children important values.
Our next steps as a school are to deliver a worship all about Equality and the deeper meaning of it in our school.